Our Approach

Our integrative approach to social development and education is based on inclusivity, spiritual awareness, and empowerment of collaboration between different social and cultural circles. We support learning that is of global relevance, while honouring the uniqueness of the place, diversity of people, and richness of both natural and cultural contexts.

We work in collaboration with Crossfields Institute a UK education charity, specialising in holistic and integrative education. The Institute is an awarding organisation and our accrediting partner, and is responsible for ensuring the development and certification of high quality education.

  • Social rehabilitation programmes and art therapy
  • Educational programmes, complimentary to academic curriculum
  • Vocational training
In-House Experts
Irina Solokova
Education and Rehabilitation
Roman Solokov
Art Therapy
Tasha Grieg
Mikheil Pitskhelauri
Social Therapy and Rehabilitation
Case studies
Animation Studio Da, Saint Pet...
Inclusive Craft Atelier “Simpl...