Our Approach

We honour artisanship across cultures and geographies, and help it thrive by reimagining traditional crafts with a contemporary perspective and with respect for cultural identity of the craftspeople and their natural habitat. Our commitment is to build lasting, sustainable relationships that are mutually beneficial to our clients, artisan partners, herders, farmers and the earth.

  • Production of hand-made interiors out of sustainable materials using traditional craft techniques
  • Product development and range building of custom designed handcrafted objects across fashion and homeware
  • Integration of high quality artisans to existing supply chains, including weavers, embroiderers, tailors, carpenters, welders, ceramists and other craftsmen.
In-House Experts
Prerna Saraff
Creative director, sustainability consultant
Nina Mohammad-Galbert
Creative director, designer
Case studies

With multiple artisans we designed and managed production of craft objects and textiles for such companies as Bon Marche Paris, Home Studios NYC, Barneys Japan, Stussy, Jardin Majorelle and other established designers and brands.
We have done product development for Edun, Urban Outfitters, Target, Tigmi Trading and Kneeland and Co., Delfina Balda, Carrie Elizabeth.

With artisans from various disciplines, including carpentry, textile and grass weavers we designed and produced interior objects for Caravane Foundation’s Majlis that will be featured in the 2021 Architecture Biennale in Venice.