Caravane Earth is an international foundation with a mission to seed, practice and promote ethical entrepreneurship and wellbeing through art, craft, architecture, agriculture, and education. We work towards positive systemic impact in social, cultural, and ecological realms.

We want to live on a planet with healthy societies that are revitalised by local culture and take responsibility for their interaction with nature.

Our driving purpose is to empower communities by reviving local artisanship, vernacular architecture, traditional agriculture and holistic education. We produce cultural programmes, initiate seed-funded initiatives and provide advisory to corporate leadership and governmental institutions.


Our Team

Fahad Al-Attiyah
Johnann Bott
Holistic Approach & Production
Galya Bott
Creative Programming
Prerna Saraff
Textile Design
Stephen Ochsner
Creative Programming
Florian Wupperfeld
Irina Sokolova
Education and Social Rehabilitation
Tasha Grieg
Igor Garin
Art Direction
Galya Larina
Kirill Marenkov
Project Management
Nina Mohammad-Galbert
Design and Artisan Relations
Johnny Cornwell
Rasima Isaeva
Project Management
Noor Virginie Haumont
Qatar Manager
Ceylan Hopkins
Editing Assistant
Rajae El Mouhandiz
Deputy Managing Director

Our Collaborators

Dr Thierry Morel
Art Partnerships
Arturo Vittori
Simón Vélez
Bamboo Architecture
Stefana Simić
Bamboo Architecture
Jaison J. Jerome
Biodynamic Agriculture
Mikheil Pitskhelauri
Roman Sokolov
Education and Social Rehabilitation
Pravin Novikov
Music Seminary
Marielou Phillips
Sustainable Fashion
Anna Ostapenko
Theatre Production
James Ferreira
Zero Waste Fashion
Jörg Gruber
Director of Photography
Levent Çelebi
Film Editing
Robert Frost
Research and Development

Artisan Project
Simple Things
Empact Consulting
Byzantine Solutions
Warka Water
Studio DA
JBA and Partner
Leading Culture Destinations