MUHIL - Karmuhil Organic Farms, India, 2011-2018


Karmuhil Educational Trust


Conversion of a conventional farm (50 acres) to an organic farm addressing challenges of rainwater stagnation and saline-sodic soil.


Full-scale development and conversion of the farm including the incorporation of organic methods, preparation of biodynamic manures and creation of a proper drainage system. Additionally the project team has developed a documentation system essential for certification procedures and conducted a series of public seminars on organic and biodynamic farming.


A water harvest system that allowed the proper drainage even during heavy rainfall. Saline sodic nature of the soil was changed to a neutral state allowing to grow aromatic essential oils and vegetables for the domestic market. 50 acres of farmland were inspected by IMO India and certified organic under NPOP, NOP and DEMETER standards. Several biodynamic manures were produced and distributed to neighboring farmers. Several neighbouring farmers converted their farms into organic and biodynamic ones.

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