The Learning Center aims to provide complementary and alternative educational programmes to students of all ages.

In the humble desert environment, learning means celebrating the opportunity to dig deep into the essence of daily practice, learn from a variety of experts, expand networks and find oneself in purpose driven work. Whether building homes, treating water, working in hand-made textiles, producing photography, playing music or telling stories, the Learning Centre is an immersion into the creative process as much as it is a look into improving life on Earth.

The learning Center has been developed in collaboration with Crossfields Institute

Programme Categories:

• Scholarship Learning Programme
(Professional Training Courses)
Theoretical and practical experience with craftmasters, artists, engineers, architects and philosophers.

• Learning En Plein Air (age: 12-18)
Practical courses to complement mainstream school education in arts, natural and applied sciences.

• Family Weekends (age: 3-120)
Making bread, dancing, playing, planting an oasis and sharing meals at a campfire with travellers and parents, this is a learning programme for any age.

• Camps (age: 6-18)
Practical learning in architecture, animation, circus, theatre, music, cooking, agriculture and engineering.