Arts Residency

The Arts Residency is the Village pearl of knowledge and skills exchange through cross-cultural, interdisciplinary and interfaith craft projects. Artists, designers, natural scientists, architects, filmmakers, storytellers, chefs, educators and social activists will be provided time to contemplate and space to work. Each programme will call on residents to research, develop and realise projects which address current social, ecological and cultural challenges on planet Earth.

As themes change from season to season, the Arts Residency follows four principles of production:

  • Conscious sourcing
  • Ethical processes
  • Mindful waste management
  • Purposeful products

Current fields of work for the Arts Residency:
Architecture / Fashion / Homeware Design / Ceramics / Photography / Animation / Calligraphy / Water / Energy / Waste / Oral Tradition / Music / Dance

Residents will live in hand-woven village homes. Caravane will provide facilities, depending on the field. Evening campfires with poetry recitation, live music and storytelling will be common. Residents will eat simple home-made meals made from local produce and are invited to take part in village activities like caring for plants, distributing water, cooking meals, feeding animals, producing theatre and teaching children.