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Programme dedicated to promoting traditional musical genres and techniques through a creative multinational collaboration

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In spring 2019 we organised a collaboration of esteemed musicians representing seven different traditional backgrounds. In a manner of spontaneous improvisation and with a gentle curation of Susheela Raman and Samuel Mills we recorded eight unique songs, including “Kuja Raftam” by Rizwan Muazzam, a remarkable Qawwali singer.

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After the studio recordings we put together a pop-up stage at Heenat Salma Farm and invited 60 guests to enjoy a live concert where the musicians performed some of the songs they composed during a week-long studio collaboration. Guests enjoyed sitting on the carpets and cushions under the open sky, the stage for the concert was assembled inside a nomadic tent. After the concert the musicians and the guests shared dinner and tea around the campfire. Something magical always happens, when traditional instruments, camp fire, and tea are shared by people in a circle.

We are very grateful for all the artists, who participated in our first musical collaboration.

Bijan Chemirani (France), Persian percussion
Manos Achalinotopoulos (Greece), clarinet/ney/kaval flute
Djanuno Dabo (Guinea), West African percussion
Kutle Khan (India), Rajasthan Manganiyar folk music
Rizwan Muazzam Qawwali (Pakistan), traditional Qawwali singing
Hassan Moataz el Molla (Qatar) cello and rabbab
Maias Alyamani (Qatar), violin
Aref Durvesh (UK/India), tabla
Pearl Divers (Qatar), traditional songs
Malcolm Catto (United Kingdom), drums
Milo Fitzpatrick (United Kingdom), double bass
Yazz Ahmed (United Kingdom), trumpet, electronics


Susheela Raman
Samuel Mills
Susheela Raman
Samuel Mills

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